Friday, March 16, 2012

Tough Times

It's been months since my last update, a combination of lack of funds, shortage of commissions and day-to-day distractions and difficulties resulted in little or no activity worth posting about.

Through the worst of it now, but still, can't say the past 6 months have been the best in my life.

Got to take the rough with the smooth I guess, so ....onwards!

I have done no scale modelling whatsoever since October and have a poorly abandoned Supermarine Walrus sitting waiting to be finished off...I have managed to produce a few illustrations though and have also been updating art assets for Aventurine SA and the much-fabled and long-awaited "Darkfall 2.0".

So, here are some shots of some boats (have done lots of other things, but this will do for now I guess) and a couple of Spinosaurus fishing on a beach

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