Thursday, March 17, 2011

Update (or new start)

Hello and welcome to all.

It has been ages since I last updated my blog, so much so that I decided to delete all the old posts and make a fresh start.

I will be posting new artworks , as well as old ones which I think still stand the test of time, as well as some eclectic entries featuring things of interest and
other random bits and bobs that I find amusing or interesting and wish to share with others.

A Fresh Start?

2010 saw me returning back to live in the UK after being away for 10 years, not much has changed here, but my portfolio of work has moved on quite a bit, including game art assets (models and texturing) plus digital illustration for merchandising, games and publishing.

Seeing as though I can't seem to find a way of posting weblinks in my profile, I will have to make do and post them here instead:

Game art asset creation for the game "Darkfall Online":
Collaborative website with my creative partner Russell Gooday:
Galleries of additional artwork here:

I will start off this new improved attempt at keeping up-to-date with my postings by showing some work commissioned over the past year. A small synopsis will accompany each image, so, sitting comfortably?.. here we go:

"Asian Tertiary Landscape" featuring
Deinotherium, Indricotherium, Machiroidus, Hyaenodon, Scandentia, Soricidae and a flock of Vultures.

This image was created for DeAgostini Japan in 2010 and reminds me of an 18th Century oil painting of the colonies somewhere...

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